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Visitors From 

​Montreal, Green Bay, Houston, San Jose,
Zhengzhou, Cambridge, Norwalk,  

Fredricksburg & Chesapeake,


Many of you have been here several times  before.

Where are Fairfield and Chester?

And that new recruit, Overland Park?   Off to Scotts Valley or Beijing?

 Is it just me, or d'you ever get the feeling that you are being watched? For years?

It's either SEO or it's as Woody Allen said, or was that Cassandra:

" I see disaster. I see catastrophe. Worse, I see lawyers!"'

Issue spotting, anyone?

When I first moved to Washington, a partner at a firm that shall remain nameless took me aside to say,

"The problem is there are secret warrants, secret surveillance, secret rules, and when you call to get advice, they lie, mislead, and trick you.  Trust no one."  And I thought, "Sad, he has been in town too long."  

Later I wondered whether he simply meant he knew who I knew formerly at Enron, or Tyco.  Now, of course, I wonder whether he meant his Church.  I don't know.  Do you?  He may have just meant PE.


Remember when K2 was just 'a savage mountain that tries to kill you' and not a Mayor's warning? 


Paris?  Personne?

Comments San Francisco and Scotts Valley?


Wilmington, you were tardy; I nearly left you out.

The threat in law used to be, "If you do that, I'll turn you in."

Now the threat is:

"If you don't do that, I'll turn you in ….  For what?   I'll think of something, then I'll turn you in."

So the repartee now goes: "I'm sorry, I had to turn you in." To which the response is now, you guessed it, "That's OK, I've already turned you in.  Three times."

And yes, that's why there are secret warrants, secret surveillance, and secret rules, and when you call to get advice, they lie, mislead, and trick you.  Everyone is turning everyone in; it's impossible to say who's who.


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